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Products & Services

Following are some of the products which may be of interest to you.

  • A) Electro -Hydraulic/Hand Operated Steering Sytsem .
    Spare parts –Emergency Helmspump,Rudder Angle Indicator, Transmitter, etc
  • B) Hydraulic Towing Winch /Electric Anchor Winch.
  • C) Vertical Rope Capstan which can be electric/hydraulic .
  • D) Hydraulic Tugger Winch.
  • E) Electric Engine Telegraph – Single/Twin type.
  • F) Navigation Light Connection Unit.
  • G) Reflector Compass
  • H) Electrical Control Panel for Steering Gear-NFU, AFT, AUTOPILOT controls.
  • I) Hi-Force Hydraulic - Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Hydraulic Power Unit
    (10,000 psi) & Different kinds of Torque Wrenches.